Session FAQ

How do I hire Mike Bennett to record on my song(s)?

Three easy steps:

  1. Fill out the session booking form and Mike will get in touch within 48-hours but usually much sooner. At that point Mike will discuss the session with you personally and also provide an available recording date. Once the session is confirmed you will receive a PayPal invoice for online payment. A 50% down-payment is required before the recording process begins.

  2. Mike will go into his studio and record your song(s) and provide you with a stereo mp3 to review.

  3. Once you give the final approval you will receive a download link to the high-end multitrack files for your song!

How should I prepare my tracks for delivery?

Click here for a step by step guide to exporting and preparing your tracks for digital delivery.

Can I attend the session in person?

Unfortunately all sessions are unattended. Mike will be in touch via email, video chat, etc. during the entire recording process.

What is the revision policy?

Mike offers two reasonable revisions for every song but will be flexible with the client if need be. We want you to be happy and excited so please make sure to take the time to be as detailed and descriptive as possible when filling out the Submission Form and also when discussing the project with Mike.

How many multitrack drum files should I expect to receive back for a drum session?

Every individual session varies in order to to capture the right sound and vibe for the song but you will usually receive the following:

  • Kick In

  • Kick Out

  • Kick Sub

  • Snare Top

  • Snare Bottom

  • Tom 01

  • Tom 02

  • Tom 03

  • Inside Kit

  • Hi Hat

  • Overhead Left

  • Overhead Right

  • Room Left

  • Room Right

  • Room Mono (Crushed/Compressed)

I still have more questions…

Send us an email and we will get all of your questions answered!