File Preparation & Delivery

Please make sure all of the pre-production/demo tracks are recorded as tightly to a click/metronome track as possible. Getting the best feeling drum performance starts with a well prepared demo.

Provide a chart or lead sheet of the song (PDF) if available. Not required.

All files must be WAV or AIFF. Please avoid sending MP3 files.

Make sure the following are filled out properly on the submission form and also clearly stated somewhere in the delivery folder:

  • Sample Rate
  • Bit Depth
  • Tempo/BPM

Consolidate all files as grouped stereo stems. Make sure all files are labeled clearly and start from the first measure of the song/session. We do not need each individual track from your DAW session. For example:

  • Vocal (Lead/Background)
  • Guitar (Rhythm/Lead)
  • Keys/Synth
  • Bass
  • Percussion/Drum Loops
  • Click Track used to record pre-production tracks/demo
  • Demo Drum Track (if available)

An overall demo mix is helpful if available for reference in order to know how you are hearing the balance and overall feel of the song.

Compress the folder (ZIP) and deliver to via

Once the project is completed you will receive a Session Release Form to complete followed by a secure download link to the finished multitrack drum files.

Still confused or have further questions? Not a problem. Send us an email at and we will gladly help you out!